Chantel Menziwa

26 January this year I had a bone marrow transplant. Yesterday I ran my first half marathon(21.1km) post the transplant .

The transplant was done after 7 months of intensive chemotherapy. I was in hospital for a total of 20 days. Before the transplant, I had to undergo a wipe out chemotherapy to wipe out my own bone marrow, meaning no white blood cells for a few days. Transplant happened, then side effects of chemotherapy kicked in, a sore throat. My gosh I’ve never experienced such pain in my life before. Swallowing was so painful, I had tonsillitis lots of times when I was younger, shoo this was nothing compared to it. It was sore for about 5 days, till my body started making new white blood cells.

Through the Grace of the God I made it through and my body did not reject the new bone marrow. My older sis was a 100% match. I was discharged on 8 Feb, on my daughter’s bday. Was hospitalized for 20 days in total.

Started walking a week after that. Not long after, started running again. Been doing weekly immune booster sessions. 2 more to go, then I need to have a bone marrow test done and pet scan to see if the disease completely gone. Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Stage 3 this time round. In 2017 I was diagnosed Stage 4.

Yes, it’s not an easy journey. God has His plans and reasons for everything. No matter what you going through, joy cometh in the morning