Constituting Meeting:

This region was established and constituted on the 30 th of August 2014. So we are the youngest region in SATSA.

Office Bearers:
During the above meeting the following office bearers were elected:

Elected Office Bearers:

Chairman:- TREVOR GIRD
Vice-Chairman:- MARYKE GIRD
Secretary:- FIFI XUKWANE


These office bearers were introduced to the general meeting  –  the only region that had the whole of their management structure present.

We are honored to be the representatives of this region.

The region currently has 27 registered members   –  supporters and athletes.

We were blessed to not lose any athletes/ memebers during the term covered in this report.

We are going to try and expand these numbers dramatically, as we would like to create broader community support for SATSA in and around our region.

Focus Areas:
The region we serve can be divided in three focus areas, nl;

  • Rustenburg and surrounds   –   mines and businesses
  • Klerksdorp/Potchefstroom area  –  mines, businesses and centers for higher education.
  • Bloemfontein and surrounds  –  mines, businesses and centers for higher education.

We are making contact with individuals at the university High Performance centers and will visit them personally and try and establish relationships that will benefit our athletes.

We have contacted the North West Sports Confederation. They are moving their offices from Potchefstroom to Mmabatho  and do not expect much from them on the short term.

The Chairperson – Mr v Neel  – has promised that with the integration of the Confederation with the Department of Education, a definitive strategy will be developed and that we will benefit from it in the future.

Representation on National Management Committee:
The Chairman and the Treasurer were appointed as the regions representatives on the National Management Committee of SATSA.

Currently it is:
Chairman:- Trevor Gird
Treasurer:- Anton Grobler

Accounting Report:
There is no accounting report for the region.

The large distances to be travelled by the supporters and athletes make it very difficult to coordinate and manage fund raising projects. The three focus areas referred to above are between 300 – 500 km apart.

We will tackle our challenges and find answers for them.

Special Achievements:
During the past year two of our transplanted athletes received provincial colors in BOWLS while competing with their able body counterparts.

Attie Kok:- Freestate bowls team

Anton Grobler:- NW bowls team.

We are proud of them and rejoice with them in these achievements.

Congratulations to them and we are sure that they will continue being an example for the other athletes.


Firstly, we in the NW and Freestate region support all the accolades already bestowed on Willie and Heilie Uys for all their focused efforts in taking SATSA to the level that it currently is. Their unselfish labors of the past are applauded.

Secondly – A big thank you must also be given to the ROC of the Western Cape Region for the arrangements made for the SATSA National Games to be held in the Mother city and surrounds.

This is confirmation of the fact that there are capable people in all of the structures of SATSA.