Take the pledge and say “NO” to racism in sport. There is no place for such racial behaviour in our sport and society.
SA Transplant Sports Association further reiterates its zero tolerance approach to racism in any sport.

Show your support and take the pledge in support of Anti-Racism on behalf of SA Transplant Sports Association.

“Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.
It is more powerful than governments in breaking down racial barriers.
It laughs in the face of all types of discrimination.”
Nelson Mandela


Anti Racism Network South Africa


“NO to racism and hate speech in our sport and society” – Hermann Steyn (Executive Secretary

I say no to racism in and out of sport. I live for no discrimination. – Anton Roux (Vice Chairman SATSA)

I say NO to Racism. we all belong to the human Race and when we discriminate against each other we demean everyone, including ourselves. – Stan Henkeman (Chairman SATSA)

Racism is wrong because it devalues the dignity of people who are discriminated against. – Stan Henkeman (Chairman SATSA)

No to racism in sport – Patricia Ann Sim

Stop racism, lets all live in unity. – Anil Balmakund

NO to racism in sport. – Gregory Govender

I say NO to racism. – Louis van der Westhuizen

Laundry is the only thing that should be separated – Lloyd Perry

No Racism of any sort either way let us stand together to eradicate this evil – Brian Lombard

Fully committed to anti-racism in sports. – Fidel Nkadimeng

BIG NO! – Sannie Liebenberg

I say no to racism in sport!! – Rentia le Roux

No to racism! – Sonja James

Say no to racism in sport and all walks of life. – Ignatius Muller

I support the anti racism pledge – Lisa du Plessis

We are all equal in the eyes of our Creator. I say a definite NO to any form of racism! – Tersia Smit

Sport should know no race! – Alice Vogt

Say no to Racism in all sports – Brian Lombard

I say no to Any form of racism – Tracey

No to racism, equality for all – Heidi

I say no to Racism in sport or any sort of Racism – Lloyd Perry

No to racism of any sorts – Derrick Pillay

I am against any form of racism wherever it takes place. – Willie Uys

I say NO to racism in any arena!! – Lotta Kuhlmann

Everybody is equal – Kevin Agnew

I say “NO” to racism not only in sport but in all walks of life. – Dick Kruger

I confirm that I take the pledge. – Darryn Botha

I say no to racisim in sports, we are all human beings. All have red blood running in our vains – Rivalani Phalela

No to racism DEV MOODLEY

“NO” to racism not only in sport but in its entirety towards all persons. – Annette Kruger

Sport is a unifier; racism tears people apart- they cannot exist together. I choose to be unifier – Tanya-Lisa

I say NO to racism!! – Travis van Rensburg

Every person was created by GOD, we are all his children! WE ARE EQUAL! – Charlene Van Heerden

I say no to racism,yes to human nature and dignity to all human kind, with so much appreciation to a second chance of life – Nombeko Rwaxa

I pledge my support against racism Yolanda Snyman

I take the anti racism pledge. I say NO to racism – Merrick Southworth

Herewith I pledge to treat all people fairly regardless of their race, gender, culture, language, or ethnicity. I will strive to respect all people and treat them with dignity. I will be an example to my fellow athletes and hope that my action will speak louder than this words. – Vivian de Klerk

I am  against any racism in sports – Andre Murphy

Look at our beautiful team! We are not racists and we set a wonderful example to those who think and behave otherwise. No to racism (and xenophobia) in all of Life – not just Sport. – Elsa Siedle

“NO” to racism in Sport. – Patricia Dicks

Equality for all South Africans – Les Hurlbatt

Stand together and take hands with all Cultures in our South Africa, that’s how we will beat Racism ! – Riaan Jonck

We are not born racist – we are taught Racism – Rose-Marie Bancilhn

Our athletes see each other as equals because we share the same gratitude towards our donors and each other. We don’t have the time to look for differences because we have the same goal of “Living life to the fullest every day!!!”. – Heilie Uys

Nothing and no one gives us the authority to consider ourselves inferior or superior to anyone else – Marion Oldfield

Almal moet mekaar lief hê en in vrede kan saam leef, sonder om ander af te kraak en mekaar te seer te maak. – Herculaas Lamprecht

I say NO to racism – Henk Goris

We have a beautiful country lets all be happy and share it in peace. Love Sport SAY NO TO RACISM – Lloyd Perry

I pledge to never judge or biasedly act toward another person based upon their ethnicity, race, language, culture, faith or any other attribute that I do not comprehend and/or understand completely. – Hannes vd Westhuizen

NO to racism! There is only one race, the human race! – Sonja James

I do not see the colour of your skin, but the strength of your heart. – Suretha Maartens

I will respect all persons, their culture, their religion, economic status and race in all spheres of my life. Together we can achieve so much more in everyone’s life. – MARGIE ROSENBERG

BIG NO TO RACISM – Zakhele Shabangu

I pledge myself to come against any form of racism as it destroys humanity – Roselyn Moloi